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The Office of the Federal Public Defender, Western District of Texas, operates under authority of the Criminal Justice Act of 1964 (CJA), 18 U.S.C. § 3006A. It provides defense services in federal criminal cases and other covered matters to individuals who are financially unable to obtain adequate representation. A person’s eligibility for defender services is determined by the federal court. Defender organization attorneys may not engage in the private practice of law. The defender organization for this district is headquartered in San Antonio, and it has staffed branches in El Paso, Del Rio, Austin, and Alpine. The primary purpose of this site is to support CJA panel attorneys of the Western District of Texas in their appointed cases. Additionally, information is provided for federal defendants and others interested in criminal cases in our district. None of the information on this site is intended as, or should be taken as, legal advice.

COVID-19 Alert:

In light of the COVID-19 coronavirus we may be unable to speak to you at this time, please leave a voicemail or an e-mail, which we will be monitoring. The lawyers will reach out to you or visit with you whenever there is new information on your case. Be assured that we continue to work diligently on your case. If you need immediate attention regarding an administrative matter, please contact Susan Andrade at 210-981-2078, or

 Por la circunstancia de la pandemia global de COVID-19, es posible que no podremos atenderle por teléfono en este momento. Favor de dejar un mensaje o un correo electrónico. Vamos a escuchar su mensaje lo mas pronto que sea posible. Los abogados de nuestra oficina van a mantener contacto por teléfono, carta, o visita personal cuando haiga nueva información en casos de sus clientes. Asegúrese que seguimos trabajando con diligencia para nuestros clientes. En caso de emergencia inmediata sobre asuntos administrativos, favor de ponerse en contacto con Susan Andrade al 210-981-2078,

Attorneys of the Federal Public Defender are not available for hire. No es permitido contratar los abogados de la Oficina del Defensor Público.

If it’s an emergency involving a legal matter, and you need immediate assistance please contact us by telephone or email: En caso de emergencia inmediata tocante a asuntos legales, favor de ponerse en contacto por teléfono o correo electrónico con.:

San Antonio:                   Judy Madewell at 210-981-2060 or 

Alpine/Pecos:                 Chris Carlin at 432-538-6050 or 

Austin:                            Horatio Aldredge at 737-207-4548 or 

Del Rio:                          Bianca Del Rio at 830-308-6035 or 

El Paso:                          Reggie Trejo at 915-352-2887 or 

Midland/Odessa:               Anthony Colton at 830-308-6040 or

Waco:                             Lewis Gainor at 915-352-2940 or