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Information about the Pardon for Marijuana Possession Offenses

On October 6, 2022, President Biden issued a presidential proclamation that pardons federal convictions for simple marijuana possession offenses. The proclamation applies only to offenses that occurred on or before October 6, 2022, and it only applies to federal convictions, including D.C. Code offenses. It does not apply to convictions under state or local law or to offenses occurring after October 6, 2022.

 A pardon is an expression of the President’s forgiveness. It does not signify innocence or expunge the conviction. It does, however, remove civil disabilities—such as restrictions on the right to vote, to hold office, or to sit on a jury—that are imposed because of the pardoned conviction. It may also be helpful in obtaining licenses, bonding, or employment.

 Eligible persons may need proof that President Biden’s proclamation applies to them in order to achieve the full benefits of a pardon. The President has asked the Attorney General, acting through the Pardon Attorney, to issue those persons certificates to establish proof of pardon. The Office of the Pardon Attorney is currently developing procedures for issuing certificates of pardon to eligible individuals. Once these procedures are established, the Office of the Pardon Attorney will make available a short application form for individuals seeking a certificate of pardon, along with instructions for completing the application. When the application and instructions are released, they should be available here. And a fuller explanation of this pardon is also available here. Please consult these links for future updates.


Posted on: Mon, 09/05/2022

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